Our company services school districts as well as other companies and corporations nationwide.  The reputation that our company has gained is from our track record of handling complicated asset situations and making them look easy.


Hudson School District

2015  Spring - Purchased 1500 iPad 2 (Used) -  Needs coverage

2015  Fall   -  Purchased  380  iPad Mini Black  (New)  Needs coverage

2016  Winter  -  Purchased  1800 iPad Air 2  (Refurbished)  Needs coverage

This example is of a school that is trying to save money, and is saving money, by buying used and refurbished equipment and mixing the equipment with other new purchases.  The unique thing about our service compared to AppleCare, AppleCare Plus or an insurance company is that we sell plans to service used equipment.  You can easily do the math and see the advantages of this type of deployment plan, where used, refurbished, and new equipment are mixed.

We know of one school district which purchased over 8,000 used iPads in one year, cutting their equipment budget in half while deploying modern and advanced technology.